What You Need to Know

Send Your Artwork To


The “Art” category is divided into two (2) sections; “The Mask” and “The Veil”.


“The Mask” is dedicated to submitted artwork of, pertaining to, or influenced by Stenosis. These can be drawings, sketches, paintings, pictures, anything. If you were listening to one of my songs and it inspired you to draw something that represents that moment in time for you, as an example, then you can submit it to “The Mask”.


“The Veil” is dedicated to submitted mature art. This category includes artwork which is intended for a mature audience and may, or may not be, influenced by Stenosis. These can be nude or implied drawings, sketches, paintings, pictures, or anything else which displays mature content. Intended for viewers who are 18+ in age.


To submit your art, images or pictures; send them to stenosis@stenosismusic.net with your name, a short description, and if you wish to be credited as “anonymous“. You must own the rights to your submissions. All submitted material will be kept strictly confidential and will NOT be shared or uploaded anywhere else except the intended Art Category unless done so by the person who submitted the artwork. You own your creations, I’m just offering a place to display them, if you so desire. Your confidence is ensured and your submissions can be removed upon your request by emailing the link above.