Where Have I Been?

It’s been a very stressful couple months. Often it is hard to keep up on every angle of the journey because so much relies on constant attention. During this process of writing the 3rd album, I’ve been mentally unable to devote the time and creativity towards the countless other areas I work on. I’d like the website to be more fluid and bring more value. I’d like to post more often on social media (though I’ve had to find a way around Instagram’s bullshit shadow ban). I’d like to do more frequent videos on the YouTube channel that are worth the viewer’s time.


When writing an album things get very, very difficult. Why? Because you can’t control creativity or time. To focus on being creative on YouTube means I’m burning creativity that should go towards the music. After all, I am a musician who does YouTube, not a YouTuber who does music. Sometimes the lines get blurred and I need to remind myself that my veins sit in music and the other means are extensions of such. Creativity is like a water-well. If you pull from it so much in a short period of time without allowing it space, it’ll run dry and you’ll be left on your ass. So it is a very, very delicate balance. I wish I had the revenue to hire a manager who could keep things in line that I’m not great at. That’d be wonderful. However, this is the music industry. Most musicians don’t have the revenue to buy a soda, let alone pay wages.


I appreciate you being here.