YouTube and Other Things

My video just went live on my YouTube channel which talks about getting 1,000 subscribers. It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind, if I’m honest. I’m excited to hit 1,000 and I am eager to continue the growth. Many say the first 1,000 is the hardest. I can’t say if that’s true or not, but I hope it is. The only thing I want to do is grow and do more. I want to work with companies, gain more structure, be able to bring back the fire to music lovers, just do more. The music industry is very broken and many people are tired of hearing about it or are simply getting away from it. But the truth of the matter is the industry is broken because of the absence of drive. Not only drive for one’s own career, but drive for the industry itself. When bands gain the slightest bit of traction, many begin to simply consume and consume and consume the metaphorical crops which have put them there. For me, I say I want to do more, but not just for myself. I want to do more with more. I’ve been researching endorsements and the current ins/outs of them. It’s surprising that most companies will only endorse artists or bands who have over 100,000 fans on any (or all) given platforms and who play 3-7 shows a week.


Now, before I continue, of course music consumers from many corners of the room will point their torches at bands/artists with endorsements. They’ll scream “sell out” or some other ridiculous bullshit. The truth of the matter is artists need to make a living. To think that one person can do this job for the entirety of their career and gain the level of sustainability which allows them to bring more to the table is simply impossible. Look at any company; you think Toyota makes the fabric on their seats? You think Dell makes the IC chips in their boards? You think Starbucks makes the paper for their cups? Everything is a relationship with another entity which is utilized for the respectable benefit. Granted, there are countless companies, bands, people, brands, etc who utilize endorsements negatively. They will sell and push any product offered to them as if it is the gold lining on the Pope’s armchair. THAT kinda stuff, I agree is shady. I don’t agree with that mindset of endorsements.


Which is what brings me to my current mindset; who to reach out to and what’s the best way to go about it? Of course I could make a list and just start writing down gear manufacturers, product companies, brands, software developers, the whole 9. But that just doesn’t feel right to me. I don’t want t to reach my hand into every single cookie jar just hoping there are some crumbs at the bottom. I don’t want an endorsement because I am scraping for a bunch of free stuff or to get money thrown at me. That’s an example of the wrong mindset, to me. I want to work WITH a company because I feel their product/s are a true asset to what I do. I want to stand with a brand because I truly believe in what they do. So know this; if I ever receive an endorsement, it will be because I genuinely embrace it. As well, I will never be the type of person who pushes something on my fans to try and bleed them for money. My fans, my supporters, those who follow me; I will always defend you.


All of this wraps up into one ideology. This wonderful milestone of breaching 1,000 subscribers on YouTube is not something I take lightly and is not something I will ever take for granted. The appreciation I have for every one of you who backs what I do is immense. Stenosis is more than my name, it is the atmosphere in which we all reside. I do not work this hard to grow me, I work this hard to grow us. We are one, made of many… Thank you for being here.